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Why is everything a todo list app?

·2 mins

I was recently going through some Apollo documentationabout useQuery and I noticed the examples related to fetching and updating pictures of dogs. Wait, isn’t it a law that every example in frontend documentation must be related to a todo list?

I kid. I actually loved seeing this from Apollo, because the todo list example is unbelivably overused. I’ve never gotten super excited about developing todo list applications (has anyone?), because it didn’t seem challenging and because there are thousands of them. And because, after reading so much documenation, all todo lists make me think of documentation.

How about, when we write examples for documentation, we move further and further from todo lists and add a little bit of variety? I know we need to keep the examples rather simple, especially for people who may be using the technology or framework for the first time - but we can at least explore other types of examples. Here are 10 ideas from ChatGPT (even it can’t avoid todo lists):

  1. A weather application that shows current weather conditions and forecast for the user’s location.
  2. A recipe application that allows users to search for and save recipes.
  3. A social media application that allows users to post and interact with other users' posts.
  4. A workout tracker application that allows users to log and track their exercise progress.
  5. A budgeting application that helps users track their expenses and income.
  6. A news application that shows news articles from various sources and categories.
  7. A travel planning application that helps users plan and book trips.
  8. A note-taking application that allows users to create and organize notes and to-do lists.
  9. A music streaming application that allows users to listen to music and create playlists.
  10. A e-commerce application that allows users to browse and purchase products online.